Nation needs ‘warriors,’ not ‘conservatives’

Nation needs ‘warriors,’ not ‘conservatives’
‘At some point there’s not enough liberty, morality and justice to hold on to any more’

Posted: September 16, 2010
10:56 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

The Doral Resort
MIAMI – It’s not enough to be conservative when there’s not much left to conserve and the United States of America needs warriors if there is to be a future for the nation, according to Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WorldNetDaily and a key impetus behind the “Taking America Back 2010” conference now assembling in Miami.

“Conservatism is, by nature, even when it is at its best, a ‘defensive’ movement – prone to retreat and attempting to hold onto turf rather than taking ground from the enemy,” he told the conference’s opening session this morning at Miami’s Doral Resort.

“At some point … there’s just not enough liberty, morality and justice to hold on to any more. At that point, being ‘conservative’ is not enough. That’s when you need warriors – people who are willing and able to fight on offense.”

He said he predicted back in 2003 in the publication of “Taking America Back” that the nation’s people were being alarmed.

“I even predicted that someday soon we would see a spontaneous political uprising of the American people in response to crisis,” he said. “I said millions of people who had never picked up a protest sign or marched in a rally would shock the world with their activism,” he said.

“The tea party movement doesn’t need to be controlled – especially not by politicians in Washington. This is a raging brushfire with the potential to burn away many of our problems in this country. We don’t want a controlled burn,” he said. “We should be pouring gasoline on this righteous blaze and watching in amazement and wonder as the people demand to be heard.”

He said the need goes far beyond being “conservative” and pursuing policies of government restraint, citing the multiple moral issues including the issue of same-sex “marriage” as examples.

“Last February, when the Conservative Political Action Conference, the largest annual gathering of conservatives in Washington, welcomed as cosponsors of the event GOProud, a radical group promoting homosexual marriage, open homosexuality in the military and hate crimes legislation, I realized just how urgently America needed this event.

“This really hit home with us when one of our invited keynote speakers, Ann Coulter, decided to accept a paid speaking engagement to GOProud, thus, in our eyes, further legitimizing this radical group as an important player within the conservative movement. That’s why she’s not here,” he continued.

“I know there are plenty of conservatives who support marriage and oppose the attacks of the same-sex marriage advocates. But the leaders, and especially some of the ‘celebrities’ of the movement are going wobbly.

“In the Judeo-Christian biblical worldview, there can be no doubt that homosexual behavior is a sin – even a particularly grave sin in God’s eyes, one He characterizes as ‘an abomination.’ God’s Word is unequivocal on that point. … Yet increasingly it seems, American ‘conservatives’ are shy about calling this sin what it is.

“‘Conservatives,’ it seems, are on the verge of not only accepting homosexuality’s domination of the culture, but embracing it,” he said. “Not me.”

Farah cited the recent Proposition 8 ruling in California of U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, a homosexual who decided that voters in California would not be allowed to define in their own state constitution that marriage is between one man and one woman.

“Walker imposed his own views on the population of California with a dramatic and sweeping edict that defies common sense, 6,000 years of Judeo-Christian moral standards, 230 years of American history, nature and, most importantly, nature’s God,” Farah said.

He continued, “Do people like Walker just expect the rest of us to accept their unaccountable rule over us? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Americans can take much more of this kind of tyranny.”

He suggested that the oppression being endured now by patriotic Americans is significant.

“Quite frankly, this is far more blatant and more abusive than anything our colonist forefathers endured before throwing off the shackles of the crown of England,” he said.

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