U.S. Ignores Threat Of Islamic Shariah Law

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Terrorists are covertly using Islamic Shariah law as a non-violent way to destroy the United States while the government ignores the threat, according to a bipartisan group of highly accomplished military, terrorism and national security experts.

The veteran officials from the CIA, FBI, U.S. military as well as a former Justice Department prosecutor assert that Shariah law—the authoritarian doctrine that inspires Islamists and their jihadism—has created a threat similar to the Soviet communist ideology that aimed to defeat the west and tyrannize the world.


They refer to Shariah as the “preeminent totalitarian threat of our time,” in a report (Shariah, The Threat to America) published this week by a nonpartisan group that studies national security.

A lengthy investigation determined that the violent threat created by Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations is outmatched by the hazards from jihadists looking to change American society from within. “This form of warfare includes multi-layered cultural subversion, the co-opting of senior leaders, influence operations and propaganda and other means of insinuating Shariah into Western societies,” the report says.

As an example of a powerful organization trying to achieve that goal it cites the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that advocates terrorism against Israel and the west and is known as the parent organization of Hamas and Al Qaeda. Just last month, in its fervent crusade to befriend Muslims, the White House hosted special workshops to provide radical Islamic groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood direct access to U.S. government funding, assistance and resources.

Earlier in the year Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano covertly met with a group of extremist Arab, Muslim and Sikh organizations to discuss national security matters. Before that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a special order allowing the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties have for years banned them from the U.S.

The government should cease these sorts of outreach efforts to groups and individuals that want to destroy America from within, the security experts warn in their report. They also ask the Obama Administration to reconsider its stance that Islam is not linked to terrorism.



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    Excellent site, great find, enjoy the lay out. good job, J.C.

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    Great Post. Wish I had thought of it.

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