now we know

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A Patriot who has sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Standing against the destruction of the bill of rights and the usurptation of the office of President of the United States of America. WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE
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2 Responses to now we know

  1. Patriot Watch says:

    Something BAD is gonna happen. Obama and Soroos have lost the people or at least the people with brains. November 5th thru 9th is BAD time PLEASE be careful. Market is being held up by GOVERNMENT. This will end and the Market will crash.
    “They” need to continue the mass melting of the WORLD. Something is due to blow up soon. AGAIN Obama going to ASIA right after election. He either doesnt want to face the land slide coming his way or wants to be OUT of country to announce MARSHALL LAW>

    ARE YOU READY?????????

  2. dancingczars says:

    Outstanding find, still laughing, I’m going to post it as looking for Larry Sinclare. J.C.

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