Another Epic Interview from MSNBC

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The leftist media has some favorite public figures that it just loves to hate like Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, and Michelle Bachmann – but there is one candidate that the media has left alone. This candidate was a total underdog. No one expected this person to win. When the candidate won their primary, people all over the nation were enraged at the results. Most believe that this person doesn’t have a chance at winning. The main reason being is because this candidate  has brought a laugh or two to the national stage because they haven’t always said things in an artful manner. No, I’m not talking about Christine O’Donnell. We know what Bill Maher, Chris Matthews and SNL have done to her. I’m talking about Alvin Greene.

As the left draws desperate these last few weeks before the election, it appears that Lawrence O’Donnell made one last ditch effort to try to help the unlikely candidate. There are some events that are just beyond words. Sometimes, one sees things where the emotional reaction is unable to be fully described in text. This interview is one of them.


The rank hypocrisy of the left-leaning entertainment industry leaving Greene alone while being relentless on Palin, Christine O’Donnell and others is something that befuddles the mind after seeing this clip. Needless to say, this interview alone is enough to make more than a few promising quips that are sure to being good viewership returns. However, how the entertainment-left have practically ignored Greene almost pales in comparison to how Lawrence O’Donnell chose to end this segment. Did O’Donnell actually say this guy is better than Jim DeMint? How can we take anything Lawrence O’Donnell says seriously? O’Donnell said that Greene, the man who once howled at reporters to get off of his property while his brother was giving an interview, and who wouldn’t even answer the question of how he got his nick-name in high school is “better than Jim DeMint.”

The left is out of ideas and Lawrence O’Donnell, if he had any credibility, lost it. Even though all practical knowledge and intellectual honesty tells us something different, we’re supposed to “trust” the media to tell us who the better candidates are for this November. According to O’Donnell, although Alvin Greene can’t actually coherently complete an interview, we should trust him that Greene is still better than Jim DeMint. That ending comment alone, better than any other type of statistical research ever could, explains why Lawrence O’Donnell’s ratings and MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank. In the time before youtube and blogs, the left would have been able to bury Alvin Greene and in so doing bury their hypocrisy with how they cover Christine O’Donnell and other conservative candidates.

Luckily, we now live in an age where the main stream media doesn’t have to dictate to us what we should watch and what we shouldn’t pay attention to any more. This scares them and they are doing their very best to convince the masses that they, the talking heads of the main stream media, still know what is best for us. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to tell the main stream media how much influence they have over me, though my ballot, this November.


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