Whose Missile Was It & Why?

Northeast Intelligence Network

10 November 2010: I’d like to focus in on two sentences from Doug Hagmann’s article below:

According to one source within the Pentagon, many of the top brass were in unscheduled, high level meetings throughout the day. Although he was not privy to the information imparted during these meetings, he told me that “there was an air of deep concern among the officials,” and all participants had a DAWT policy (don’t ask because I won’t tell) policy. Surreal was just one of the adjectives amply used by my Pentagon source.

At the very least, according to this source, it was a missile. As to whether it was ours or theirs, he does not know. But he said “they do,” a reference to the brass. The rumors circulating “within the [Pentagon] rings” suggest that it was a deliberate launch of a missile from “Chinese property at sea” intended as a warning to the U.S.

This anonymous source intimates that Pentagon scuttlebutt has it that a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy submarine launched a ballistic missile just 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Believe it or not, this was one of the same items I had considered when our own military establishment reacted to this event as if it were Ralph Kramden doing his “homina, homina, homina” schtick. Yes, I am of the mind that this Chinese ICBM scuttlebutt makes more rational sense than the offering of a jet aircraft in confluence with an atmospheric optical illusion.

Let’s just assume for the moment that the scuttlebutt is correct and the Chinese fired a big missile right off our coast. Would it take rocket science to understand why this launch occurred? Could be it be because the Chinese military are ticked off deluxe that the United States is not giving them the national and military respect deserving of an emergent superpower?

Let’s look at some facts.

We were warned by one of the PLAs top commanders ( Major General Luo Yuan ) in the Chinese military’s top newspaper that they we a little more than upset with us running exercises off their Yellow Sea coastline.

China PLA warns U.S. over fresh military drill in region

The Chinese apparently felt they were treated like Rodney “I don’t get no respect” Dangerfeld by their U.S. counterparts.

U.S.-South Korea sea exercise will go on as planned, U.S. military says

So, why wouldn’t the Chinese conclusively demonstrate they were not impressed and hold an exercise of their own off the coast of California. Tit for tat, right?


Major General Luo Yuan in his own words in July of this year :

“First, in terms of security, Chairman Mao Zedong once said, “We will never allow others to keep snoring beside our beds.” If the United States were in China’s shoes, would it allow China to stage military exercises near its western and eastern coasts? Just like an old Chinese saying goes, “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you,” if the United States does not wish to be treated in a specific way, it should not forcefully sell the way to others.”

Makes sense to me. The ancient Persians did it to the Babylonians, then Alexander and the Macedonians and Greeks did it to the Persians, and then the Romans did it to the Greeks. Now the Chinese are doing it to us. Some things never change, like human nature.


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