by Gracie Sweet

Why do congressional “leaders” say that the Obama eligibility issue is “dead?” Are they in denial?

February 1, 2011

Dear Congressman,

From petition numbers by state that I am privy to, I know you have been contacted innumerable times about the ineligibility of Barack Obama to serve as POTUS.  He has consistently and stubbornly refused to quell the clamor for his credentials that would either clear him for the presidency, or would force his resignation as a usurper.  The online newspaper is keeping tally on all the contacts readers have made to all 50 states in a quest to get our Congressmen to do what they swore to do:  support and defend our Constitution.  It is a national disgrace that our Congress KNOWS there is a problem with Obama, who had an African father, thus disqualifying him from the presidency, because of the requirement that one “SHALL BE” a “natural born citizen”.  There is no doubt that that means having TWO American parents, not one. Do not be cowed by any attempt at a charge of a “witch hunt” from either the Dems or your own party.  You have the power, Congressman, to subpoena Obama’s records and make the determination that Americans have been waiting 2-1/2 yrs for.  For too long the Democrats have steam-rolled the Republicans, who in trying to retain civil discourse, have instead capitulated to the Democrats race-baiting and every other form of intimidation that they could level at the Republicans.

It is high-time the Republicans, and you especially because of the position of trust and authority you are in, investigate the People’s claims that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT ELIGIBLE UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT!  We are never going to give up getting to the truth, and if our elected officials fail us on this most critical issue, God help you, because we will do everything in our power to vote you out and Tea Party candidates in.  We are sick and tired of RINOs who “go along to get along”.  Investigate Obama, and the sooner the better, because what is happening in the Middle East could very well happen here in this country. All of our elected officials have turned a deaf ear to us for going on three years now and that has to end.  You have the power, Congressman; use it!

Republicans are now in the majority, and this is an opportunity that may not present itself again in the near future.  But do Republicans have the backbone and fidelity to our Constitution and their oath to support and defend it?  We the People are waiting for our elected representatives to show if they are worthy of our vote that put them in office.

About bullittcountyfreedomfighter

A Patriot who has sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Standing against the destruction of the bill of rights and the usurptation of the office of President of the United States of America. WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE
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