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Psychology of Tyranny for a Philosophy of Despotism The underpinnings that fallaciously attempt to justify despotic regimes rely upon the perverted practice of controlling the public mindset in weak societies. The indisputable evidence that civilization is regressing at lightning speed is all us. Governments are becoming irrelevant … Continue reading

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I won!!! I won!!! I won!!!

 Judge Malihi ruled in my favor. Obama’s motion to quash my subpoena is denied! He has to appear at trial and present all the documents that I demanded to produce in my subpoena! Posted on | January 20, 2012 | … Continue reading

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Federal official in Arizona to plead the fifth and not answer questions on ‘furious’

By William La Jeunesse Published January 20, 2012 |   Reuters December 8, 2011: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) asks a question to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington. The … Continue reading

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Obama argues against appearing at eligibility hearing

  CERTIFIGATE ‘Electors, Congress, not Georgia, hold responsibility for qualifications of candidates’ Published: 1 day ago by Bob UnruhEmail |   Barack Obama has outlined a defense strategy for a multitude of state-level challenges to his candidacy on … Continue reading

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(USA) 1/12 – By Bev Harris Permission to reprint granted, with link to In a major step towards global centralization of election processes, the world’s dominant Internet voting company has purchased the USA’s dominant election results reporting company. When you … Continue reading

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Next Up: Enemy Expatriation Act;

 Would Strip Americans of Citizenship For “Hostilities Against the United States” Mac Slavo January 17th, 2012                 For months leading up to the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) opponents … Continue reading

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Homeland Security Is Reading and Recording Every Keystroke

      Written by Joe Wolverton, II    Friday, 13 January 2012 16:50   With so many of our most essential liberties under attack from the oligarchy on the Potomac, it is little wonder that the freedom of the … Continue reading

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Able and Willing: Iran And The Strait Of Hormuz

  Posted by Kyle Shideler Jan 13th 2012 at 7:32 am in Economy, Energy, Featured Story, Foreign Policy, Iran, Islamic extremism, Middle East, Nuclear Proliferation, Strategy | Comments (46) A war of words continues over Iran’s military exercises and public … Continue reading

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Warning From Europe: “Consequences of Failure Would Be Catastrophic”

      This morning we learned that, like the United States in 2011, the credit ratings of France and Austria face an imminent downgrade, once again proving that the stability of some of the world’s leading economies is in … Continue reading

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High Level Contacts Between State Department and Muslim Brotherhood

  Kurt Nimmo January 12, 2012 Deputy Secretary of State William Burns has met with Mohammed Morsi, head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Wednesday. Mohamed Morsi, a senior member … Continue reading

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